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BIM Capabilities & Coordination

EAS has achieved best-in-class results on some of its most technically challenging projects by adopting a collaborative approach that engages key design and trade partners early on in the preliminary design phase. Our collaborative design-build approach will increase consistency and predictability.


Design Assist - Concept to fabrication of exact project needs streamlining the project delivery schedule and cost

Parallel design - Eliminates redundant design and need to re-draw for fabrication

Schedule Certainty - Design is complete and fabrication can begin in parallel with building construction

Design To Build  vs. Design, bid, Redesign, Re-Bid, negotiate award, fabrication design and coordination, build

Optimized design through Design For Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) approach

“One hand to shake”  - Having a single source for all coordination allows seamless design flow and reduction of time and errors during the modeling/design process

Handover of design at concept level and EAS can take it from there through Detailed design

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