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Services & Solutions

Our capabilities start with a total commitment to excellence and quality in all that we do. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality solutions for both the mechanical contracting and off-site construction custom equipment markets covering a variety of customer needs.


Our capabilities reduce your risk.

The heart of a building's infrastructure is made up of the Mechanical, Electrical, and Building Automation systems that give it life. We combine our engineering and design capabilities with both our field and off-site construction expertise to maximize your project's success.


EAS can bring many tangibles to the project that can help with the design, schedule, pre-fabrication, equipment, and installation of all mechanical systems, controls, and service. We will provide a full-time engineer and dedicated design team to handle all the BIM requirements along with our Pre-Con/Estimating team. From day one, the assigned PM will be involved in the project to work with the design team and field to ensure accurate schedules are provided and maintained. We work with all vendors to determine the best equipment available for this project that meets the requirements and schedule/lead times to complete the project. 


EAS believes the pre-construction process is vital to the entire project's success. We take a proactive approach that starts construction as early as possible while staying on schedule and within budget. Throughout this process, we focus on achieving high-quality craftsmanship for each client. Our project team will meet this goal by emphasizing effective communication among all design, construction team members and project stakeholders. 


In order to ensure this process is a success we have established key components:

  • Prefab Facilities – Sheet Metal, Piping & Plumbing

  • Trimble Layout for Hangers, roof curbs, wall, and floor penetrations

  • Reduce project Schedule and Cost

  • Local Office / Support

  • BIM Design & Coordination / Clash Detection: Reduction of rework

  • Accurate Forecasting of Deliveries: Equipment & Material

Additional Pre-Construction Services that EAS offers:

  • Equipment – Pricing, Purchasing and Installation

  • HVAC Duct and pipe Purchasing, Fabrication, and installation

  • Plumbing

  • Detail Drawings

  • Procurement Requirements / Lead Times

  • Schedules (Project Phasing, Delivery's, Site Work, Production / Equipment Tracking)

  • Safety & QA/QC Plans

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Untitled design (74).png

Engineering: Design Assist / Design Build

EAS has achieved best-in-class results on some of our most technically challenging projects by adopting a collaborative approach that engages key design and trade partners early on in the preliminary design phase. Our goal is to maximize owner value through target value design (TVD) and reduce the project cost without lowering the quality of our service or creating schedule impacts.


In addition, EAS offers additional project approaches which provide a delivery solution under one roof. Our Team specializes in various aspects of construction, which gives us distinct advantages that we can provide our clients:

  • Risk Management

  • Single Accountability

  • Cost Savings

  • Expedited Delivery

  • Renowned Quality

  • Pre Fabrication


EAS provides a full-time engineer dedicated design team of licensed Mechanical Engineers that can give project requirements to formulate innovative and energy-efficient solutions for each client. 

Building Information Modeling / VDC

EAS provides the opportunity to bring full design from start to finish with our BIM/VDC Services. Collaborating from the beginning of a project allows us to provide detailed fabrication drawings that will reduce schedule, risk and delays. In addition, we can provide a 3D platform that can be shared with other trades to maximize accuracy, efficiency and quality for these projects. Our team will design a highly detailed mechanical system to fit your needs, including full coordination of support with all trades.

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20170320_135447 (1).jpg


Sheet Metal Fabrication: Custom ductwork is our specialty. EAS provides our own duct that is formed almost entirely by special fabrication machines that minimize fabrication by hand, drastically reducing contamination and time. Our sheet metal shop sets the benchmark above SMACNA standards, producing the highest quality fabricated and installed systems for the end user.


Piping & Plumbing Fabrication: We offer a complete range of piping and plumbing services in the field and engineered prefabricated sections. Our pre-fabrication shop allows us to assemble many components of the system before shipping to the job site, thus resulting in increased productivity and lower installation costs. EAS can handle any piping project, large or small, simple or complex.


  • Fabrication CADmep and Revit Fabrication allow us to export files directly to the shop for the fabrication of duct, pipe, plumbing and mechanical Rooms

  • Fabrication:

    • Duct, Pipe, and Plumbing

    • Mechanical Rooms:

      • Spool, Prefabricate and mockup entire Mechanical Rooms to save time in the field.

Building Automation / Controls

Our team has the experience and expertise to provide multi-protocol, multi-function Building Management Systems designed for seamless and intelligent integration of HVAC, Lighting, Access Control, CCTV, Energy Management, and other building systems.


Our cost-effective and scalable integration of all your controls, monitoring, and operational needs will increase the optimization and sustainability of your facility.



The shipping and handling of modular sections might be one of the most critical components of the entire process. Our team is experienced and equipped to ship directly to you while remaining safe and never sacrificing quality. With over 90% of our products being shipped on average, our team has the knowledge to ensure your project needs and schedule requirements are met.

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