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Why Build Your Career with Us?

As an employer of choice, building and sustaining an innovative and inclusive workplace that allows our team members to make a difference while bringing out the best in our talent and providing fulfillment and stability at work is essential. Our employees are empowered to contribute their talents, capabilities, perspective, and creativity—the very best of themselves—to our business.


Personal Impact

EAS strives to create a work environment that is personally rewarding and inspires a sense of pride and fulfillment in everything we do. We understand that everyone wants to make a positive impact on the world around them, and one of the ways we do this at EAS is by pursuing clients, markets, and projects that change the future of our industry. At EAS, the impact we make is direct, tangible, and visible. We facilitate solutions that touch the people who need them most. Whether that is Life Sciences, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, or Data Centers, at EAS, we always have a seat at the table as an industry technology and manufacturing leader. 

Growth & Development

Our employees are curious, driven, and passionate about continuous enrichment and growth. At EAS, we are here to support your ambitions. We recognize that ongoing development is crucial to the current and future success of our organization and the satisfaction of our team members, so we offer a variety of mentorships, apprentice programs, learning academies, and development plans to help you achieve your professional goals.

By creating cooperative opportunities that focus on enhancing skill sets, improving efficiencies, and providing mentorship, we encourage you to invest in your career and yourself—no matter where you are on your professional journey. Through growth and development, EAS offers career mobility within the organization, allowing you to progress at your own pace and in the areas that interest you most while ensuring you have the skills you need in your current role.


Business Stability

In addition to a sense of pride and the personal satisfaction we receive from the important work we do daily, EAS offers unmatched business stability because of who we serve and how we serve them. Simply put, the markets we service have staying power. We conceptualize, design, build, and install the intricate systems our clients require so they can provide essential goods and services that make the modern world possible. Our sole focus is our clients’ interests in every project every time, and as a result, we gain clients for life. Our customers view us as trusted partners—and that is only because of the great work we do through the expertise and dedication of our people. In every region and for every client, our employees power our ongoing business success, our best-in-class quality, and our positive impact on society.

Employee Benefits

Medical Insurance

Dental & Vision Insurance

Prescription Drug Insurance

Employee Assistance Program

EAS Balance Wellness Program

Tuition Rembursement

Group-Life Insurance

Supplemental Health Insurance

Disability Insurance

401(k) Plan

Apprenticeship Programs

Vacation & Holiday Pay

Employee Testimonials

Our team is comprised of a diverse group of talented individuals who bring excellence to our table and share it with everyone seated there, allowing us to connect with and learn from one another as we expand our abilities and gain even greater respect for what each of us offers. At EAS, you matter.



"I really appreciate the dedication to personal growth and employee development. I do not feel like an employee number, but instead like a valued member of the team."

IMG-3699 (1)_edited.jpg


"At EAS, you quickly learn to stop thinking in terms of “I” and “my” and more in terms of “we” and “our.” The support I receive from my coworkers and supervisors is directly linked to my success."



"Our team comes to work every day knowing that they could be challenged by something they have never before encountered. Finding new ways to look at an issue and elegant ways to solve them brings me satisfaction each day."

Next Steps

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