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Our Safety Culture

At EAS Companies, we are guided by the belief that people matter. As a result, we are driven by a continuous improvement mindset for safety excellence - our Courage to Care. Our safety culture is led by business leadership and safety teams working to develop and reinforce programs tailored to each business unit and department. Our data-driven approach, use of leading technology, and strategies for sustainable development directly impact the safety of our customers and teammates.


Our Safety Promise

OH&S Statement:

At Environmental Air Systems, the occupational health and safety of employees is our primary concern and most important objective. We are conscious of our responsibility to create, maintain, and ensure safe work practices and reduce health and safety hazards through the application of technology and safe work practices for sustainable development.

We are committed to:

  • Preventing industrial risk, and its adverse impact on the employee, rather than detecting and rectifying

  • Follow safe work practices and continually improve the effectiveness of the system

  • Eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks

  • Conserve natural resources through their responsible and efficient use in all our operations

  • Comply with all applicable legal and other requirements as well as take any additional measures considered necessary

  • Implement and propagate the OH&S policy through proper communication active involvement and participation of employees and persons working for and on behalf of the organization

  • Preserve the health and safety of the site and its neighborhood

  • Transport our products safely

Our Safety Team

Our safety team is comprised of 33 safety professionals with the knowledge base and skills to manage the safety results of our businesses and departments. Our primary goal is to provide employees with specialized training and ongoing development opportunities. The team focuses on safety awareness training, which includes discussions on best practices to help employees perform their work safely, recognize hazards, and mitigate safety-related risks. Attention to data allows us to identify safety-related incidents and implement corrective measures to prevent potential safety concerns that may affect workplace and worker safety.

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Our Safety Approach

Sustainable, safe work practices are fundamental to our daily success. We partner with our customers to drive our safety programs and initiatives in tandem with their safety programs to ensure that we all make it home safe to our families each day. 

Our data-driven, customized safety programs increase quality and productivity, decrease schedule changes and labor time, and improve safety and security for our customers and teammates.

5x5 Safety Awareness Program

Our 5 X 5 program asks that an employee take five steps back and 5 seconds to assess the risks associated with the task before starting a work task. We must always be on the lookout for dangers in our jobs, and this program has proven effective in preventing injuries.


ISO 45001 Certified

EAS is ISO 45001 certified. This international Occupational Health and Safety accreditation helps businesses provide a healthy and safe working environment for their employees and visitors by controlling factors that could lead to injury or illness. It is a framework that helps reduce or eliminate factors that are harmful or pose a danger to workers’ physical and mental well-being. This certification confirms that we have solid and robust safe working programs and practices that protect our employees and those who work with us.

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