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Markets Served

We work with innovative companies who are making the world a better place. Whether they provide life-saving medicine or cutting-edge technology, our partnership makes a difference. Having successfully executed many projects in hyper-quality controlled environments, our team has the experience and innovation to make your next undertaking successful.

Project Impact

Raleigh, NC

This new facility was built for clinical and commercial production of Cellectis’ leading allogeneic UCART products. The project was managed through the construction arm of CRB Engineers, which also provided engineering services for the facility. EAS was engaged during the early schematic level design of the project to assist with the design, layout and coordination of the mechanical penthouse. EAS then transitioned into the final design and construction of the project with delivery in April 2020.

  • 5,500 SF Penthouse Footprint comprised of (12) modular sections

  • The penthouse was fabricated in its entirety in EAS’s High Point, NC Facility

  • The penthouse consisted of Custom AHUs, Make-up AHUs, individual supply duct drops with ReHeat coils mounted in each supply drop contained in the penthouse, normal exhaust fans, high dilution exhaust fans for lab space, clean steam generators, penthouse conditioning, cold water, hot water, and steam piping systems and complete electrical package


Pfizer GTX

Sanford, NC

EAS Construction and EAS manufacturing provided a range of products to support the Pfizer gene therapy facility to develop drugs designed to treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 

Off-site constructed custom air handlers with associated variable air volume skids, pipe racks, electrical rooms, conduit rack and a large switchgear enclosure were provided as part of the complete MEP package provided by EAS.

  • 17 Custom air handlers

  • Electrical rooms including interior rooms, exterior enclosure and associated main conduit rack

  • VAV skids coupled with air handlers

  • Interior pipe racks

  • All off-site constructed equipment was manufactured in our High Point, NC facilities


Project Falcon

Duncan, SC

EAS was the mechanical contractor and a primary IPD member for design-assist. EAS worked with the Engineer and Contractor beginning at the initial design, led the BIM 3D Modeling coordination process, and was a vital construction team member with other contractors. EAS was responsible for pre-fabrication assembly layout, build, and delivery for project schedule reduction. EAS Construction completed the HVAC and plumbing scopes within the eight (8) month's construction schedule, including L1 through L4 verified systems required for the ISO 7 ISO 8 manufacturing spaces, lab areas, and supporting areas.  

  • 12 Month Schedule 

  • Mechanical, Sheetmetal, Piping (CHW, HHW, LP) & Plumbing (Clean Air, VAC, CO2, PUR Water)

  • Pre-Fab Pipe Racks, Electrical Rooms, Pro Press

  • 42 Air Handlers 

  • 980 HEPA Filters

  • 5 Air Cooled Chillers

  • 2 Pre-Fabricated Pump Skids

  • 36,000 LF of Pipe (14" CW)

  • 800,000 LBS of Duct


Confidential Pharma

West Point, PA

EAS manufactured and installed custom Super Skids to include (3) Custom EAS AHUs, (1) Custom EAS ERU, Piping, Process Chiller, Compressed Air, Multiple Pumping systems, Heat Exchanger, Pipe Racks, and Duct Work

chillers looking east.jpg

Confidential Pharma

Research Triangle Park, NC

EAS provided a complete central utility plant for a campus expansion of a large pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina. EAS companies provided a complete package by utilizing EAS manufacturing for the fabrication of the plant, EAS mechanical contracting for the installation of the plant and fieldwork, Starr Electric for the electrical scope of work, and Envirotrol for controls and automation. 

  • 7,750 SF central utility plant was provided in 15 lower sections and 15 high hat sections and cooling tower platforms.

  • The central utility plant was fabricated in its entirety in EAS’s High Point, NC Facility

  • The central plant provided chilled water, steam, and compressed air, critical to the manufacturing of life-changing pharmaceutical process


Project Flash

Durham, NC

EAS was the mechanical contractor for the Merck Project Flash. EAS worked with the DPR project team. Engineer, Owner, and other key trade partners to provide Pre-Construction Design, Full BIM Modeling, and coordination and competition of mechanical scope of work. As part of the IPD process, EAS worked to identify cost-saving measures to reduce the project budget, schedule, off-site construction, alternate materials, and labor savings.

  • 18 Month Schedule 

  • Mechanical, Sheetmetal Pre-Fab Pipe Racks, Electrical Rooms, Pro Press

  • 6 Custom Air Handlers 

  • 6 Custom VAV Skids

  • Pipe Racks

  • Chillers & Pump Skids

  • 25,000 LF of Pipe 

  • 224,000 lbs of Duct

  • 207,000 lbs Galvanized Duct

  • 17,000 lbs of Stainless Steel 304 Welded Duct

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