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Air Handling Units

Our custom design approach and experience provide the most efficient system while maintaining serviceability.

EAS designs each AHU to meet and exceed the customized needs of the exact project application. EAS always uses the highest quality materials for construction. EAS AHUs are all aluminum with a foam core panel and true “No Through Metal.” The company’s innovative design approach and experience provide the most efficient systems while maintaining the best serviceability for maintenance.

Designed and constructed off-site, EAS AHUs can be pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-controlled to save installation time and overall cost and to improve the quality and safety of the completed product. AHUs are shipped directly to the final destination where the EAS team will quickly install the system in a matter of days instead of weeks by having completed much of the trade work prior to shipment and delivery.

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Features of EAS Custom Air Handling Units

Highest quality, most reliable product available

Fully customized solutions for all applications

Improved ROI units - designed to last 40+ years

Fully integrated controls and pre-piping capabilities

Foam core panels with aluminum interior

Double gasket doors

Cooling coils, eaters

Fans, blowers

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