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Modular Central Utility Plants

A pre-designed and pre-fabricated EAS Central Utility Plant is manufactured off-site within a controlled environment where lead times, quality construction and best practices are maintained and where personnel and weather-related challenges are manageable.

EAS Central Utility Plants operate more efficiently than other solutions and are truly custom-designed and built based solely on the requirements of the specific building, bearing no model numbers or footprint constraints. Unit accessibility is maintained throughout the plant without the use of exterior access panels.

Considered a piece of UL-labeled mechanical equipment, the plant can be depreciated at a more accelerated rate from the remainder of the building. This scalable equipment solution allows EAS customers to expand their plant capabilities on an “as-needed” basis; purchasing only what is required now and delaying additional capital costs until they are needed.

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Features of EAS Off-Site Manufactured Central Utility Plants

Single Point mechanical, electrical and plumbing connections

Custom architectural finishes designed to match existing building or new construction

30+ Years' Experience

Shipped over 1.5 Gigawatts of cooling to date

Hydronic systems best suited to fit the application

System optimization for the lowest annual KW usage in a given climate

100 to 120,000 tons and beyond (capacity)

Turnkey installation, start-up and commissioning

Chillers, boilers, air compressors, heat exchangers, electrical room, pumps/strainers, piping spools, instrumentation, cooling towers and structural platforms

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