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Modular Data Centers

Easy-to-deploy modules allow for high flexibility for hyper-scale data centers, reducing site labor, cost readiness, and accelerating facility.

EAS provides data center solutions truly enabling strategically connected enterprises. From conception through commissioning, EAS Data Centers are engineered to provide a common-ground structure while simultaneously addressing the requirements, challenges, and time horizons of various groups within an organization.

EAS Data Centers are unique because they are designed and built off-site in a highly controlled environment and then transported and installed on-site. Using rapidly deployed, hardened, on-premise structures, which can easily scale to fit a company’s requirements over time, EAS Data Centers do not use trailers or container solutions.

EAS Data Centers are engineered to exceed all the rigors and disciplines required for the complex, multi-faceted needs of organizations operating in highly regulated industries. Expandable compute units are designed to meet F3 wind rating, offer seismic design flexibility, and are Tier 2/3/4 configurable. The EAS off-site construction process enables on-demand planning and investment – less than six months to pre-construct, deliver, and reassemble on-site.

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Features of EAS Modular Data Centers

MEP Design

Seismic deisgn flexibility

Factory Run Testing


F3 Wind rating (165 MPH)

Single point of contact for coordination

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