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Penthouses / Mechanical Equipment Rooms

Penthouses are a primary product of EAS OSC. These self-contained systems provide customers many advantages including reducing field installation costs and schedules, eliminating construction risk and virtually doing away with “budget creep.”

All EAS construction work is performed more safely with tradespeople working on the plant floor instead of on top of a roof. EAS OSC penthouse designs can integrate more equipment into a single unit thereby reducing valuable building square footage while maintaining critical service and maintenance access. Pre-commissioning and system checks can be performed in the plant prior to installation.

EAS OSC also significantly reduces the site man-hours needed for unit completion by the trades. This reduction lowers cost and saves time.

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Features of EAS Penthouses

Complete MEP and HVAC Infrastructure

Custom Air Handling, Ductwork and Air distribution

ETL & UL Labeling

Integrated electrical and infrastructure

Mechanical utilities: Chillers, Boilers, Air Compressors, Generators, Filtration, Water treatment, etc.

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